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My name is Allen Dyson. I and my pals created this website as a resource for new guitarists. We want to point you in the right direction, provide backing tracks and show you the best guitar lessons available online. If you are completely new to the instrument and want to know how to play guitar, you should find all you need right here.

We are a group of experimental guitarists and have all been featured on Guitar Tabs and in many other places.

We also like to help people learn guitar in completely new ways and styles, many of which have been inspired by other frontier artists like Kaki King and Preston Reed.


The Best Way to Learn

At the moment, this website is being build and will be getting a lot of content soon. If you have landed here on a quest to master this instrument, my suggestion is to look for suitable online courses, as they are among the best techniques for learning guitar quickly. You can find my video reviews of the best courses right here on this site.

Apart from this, we will also be adding backing tracks and our reviews of particular guitars we own. This way, you can get learn of them from people who use them every day. Sharing our experience is one of the main reasons we had for making this site.

One of the best ways to get better is to learn bits of different guitar styles and combine them into one. You should always stretch yourself a little, so do not master a particular playing style without at least looking at others along the way. When we teach, we may show our students how to play guitar chords at first, but then we take a dive into percussive guitar and shredding, before returning to beginner lessons.

The more variety you get, the more your horizon will expand. This is why the online guitar lessons for beginners we recommend consistently produce fast results and turn students into well-versed guitarists! We used to be private tutors ourselves back in the old days, so we do know how effective teaching is done.

While a private coach is beneficial, they are also expensive and can only teach at particular times. They also will not be as good as the best guitarists out there. For this reason, you should learn to play the guitar online. This way, the most skillful musicians can be your teachers at a very small price and whenever you want.

Make sure you do not make the mistake everybody makes at first, namely going for free videos. Such videos are not consolidated and laid out properly.

Now, take a moment to be inspired by the ever amazing Preston Reed!